The Walk of Faith

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Drawing inspiration from the ladies mentioned in Hebrews 11, and then sharing her own life story and walk of faith, Sister Wendy Good encourages women today to be faithful, no matter what the circumstances of their lives. The only thing that can hinder God’s will or purpose in our lives, is us ourselves. The things in our lives may not be what we consider good, but God can use them to work together for our good as we surrender to His will for us.

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Beyond Obedience, Revisited

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In this presentation, Christine Lamicela addresses “Beyond Obedience, Revisited” by discusses the three keys she has used in her child training, “cheerfully, thoroughly, and immediately.” Bringing this to our adult interpersonal experiences, do we respond in these same ways to the authorities we are responsible to?

Using illustrations from her childhood, schooling, and employment, she offers practical and Biblical instruction to leadership and submission in marriage.

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