Encountering Christ in the Fellowship of the Saints

Does the gathering of saints where we assemble reflect Christ? True fellowship is dynamic, but in order to experience this fellowship in our local assemblies, we must not do anything to hinder the life and unity we have in Christ. Fellowship ministers to the physical, spiritual, and emotional burdens of the saints.

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Knowing Christ

Is your local church a testimony to God’s presence? Brother Dale Heisely explains how church is not just a social fellowship; it is a corporate experience of believers that people are watching, and the way we carry out the teachings of Christ and relate together as a local assembly can and should be a powerful and effective witness to the world around us.

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Life in the Spirit – Panel Discussion

A very interesting discussion among these three men. Questions include what is the secret to living a spirit filled life, how can see an outpouring of the Spirit, how can we avoid attributing to the Holy Spirit something of our own doing, and how can we hear the voice of the Spirit?

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