The Good Report of Faith

“And these all… obtained a good report through faith.” Brother Curt Wagoner shares the relational, sacrificial, and visual aspects of this good report as lived out by Enoch, Noah, Abel, Moses, Gideon, Samson, and a host of others as portrayed in Hebrews 11. Are you willing to join this “great cloud of witnesses”? Are you really walking with God? Are you living sacrificially? Are you striving to rout the invaders in your life?

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Practical Advice on Utilizing Technology — Panel Discussion

Brothers Kyle Stoltzfus, Gary Miller, Harry Argo, Chris Blake, and Kevin Shenk discuss their experiences with technology and media and share practical advice for how to safely utilize the blessing that tech and media can be, yet at the same time guard ourselves against its inherent evils.

Panel discussion moderated by Brother Curt Wagoner.

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Encountering Christ in the Breaking of Bread

We have the historic witness of the agape feast and the breaking of bread in the early church. The Lord’s Supper unites believers on a common ground in remembrance of Christ’s death. It is because of the confidence we possess in salvation through Jesus Christ that we can break bread together without condemnation.

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Community and Discipleship – Panel Discussion

Panel discussion among Matthew Milioni, John D. Martin, Dean Taylor, and Ernest Eby. How can and should community serve as a catalyst for discipleship?

Panel discussion moderated by Curt Wagoner.

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Handwriting on the Wall

Curt Wagoner warns us that the time is short and challenges God’s people to lift up a standard of holiness while living like pilgrims in a modern day Babylon.

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