Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2021

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2021 is scheduled to be hosted at Roxbury Holiness Camp on August 20-22, 2021.

Brochure: coming Spring/Summer 2021

Theme: “Life More Abundantly”

“…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10

The messages are planned as follows:

  • “Mystery of Life”
    by Philip Hess, State College, Pennsylvania
  • “Resurrection Life”
    by Donny Brechbill, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
  • “Family Life”
    by Mark Yoder, Chachagua, Costa Rica
  • “Adorned with the Beauty of Life” (ladies’ topic)
    by Mary Ann Brechbill, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
  • “A Fruitful Life” (young men’s topic)
    by Mark Yoder, Chachagua, Costa Rica
  • “Spreading Life in a Culture of Death” (panel discussion)
    • “Helping the Homeless” – by Patrick Matthews
    • “Loving the Fatherless” – by Mark Yoder
    • “Exposing Unethical Vaccinations” – to be announced
    • “Fighting Addictions” – by Frank Reed
  • “Structure and Life”
    by Dale Heisey, Marsella, Costa Rica
  • “Beatitudes of Life”
    by Finny Kuruvilla, Medford, Massachusetts
2020 KFW theme pic
Taken from “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” by Caleb Crider. Artwork by Alex Brover.
© 2016 Christian Light Publications, Inc. Used by permission.

Prepare now: Please prepare your heart by memorizing Romans 8 in the KJV or NKJV—yes, the whole chapter! All those who memorize this chapter will be given an opportunity to recite it together at the Saturday evening service.

Church Planting Seminar

church planters forum logo

Church Planting Seminar 2021 is a separate event being held on Friday, August 20 at the same venue immediately prior to the opening of Kingdom Fellowship Weekend. This is organized by the Church Planters’ Forum.

A program will be made available in Spring/Summer 2021.

Registration is required. Refer to the Registration section below.


free time lounging

Registration will be opening Spring/Summer 2021. Registration is required if staying for meals, lodging, or if attending Church Planting Seminar. Opportunity will be given to contribute towards the rental of the campground, food costs, and a love gift for the speakers.

The campground has cabins, dorms, hotel rooms, and tent / RV sites. Lodging accommodations are limited; please register well in advance.

Sign up for email updates (below); you will be notified when Registration opens.

Easy to find

The venue, Roxbury Holiness Camp is conveniently located at

13763 Cumberland Highway
Orrstown, PA 17244

Eternal Prayer Flame

prayer icon

Be in prayer for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Several brothers who participate in Kingdom Fellowship Weekend have started a prayer movement to encourage participants to engage in a 24/7 prayer chain lifting ceaseless prayer to the King eternal. Learn more and become involved at the “Eternal Prayer Flame” website.

Prayer is the waterwheel, the engine, the magnet, the fire, the soul, the access to power behind every victory. Jesus himself said, “Without Me you can do nothing.” Period. Nothing. Prayer connects the soul with the Source of Life and Power and allows for the Source of Life and Power to flow in and fill up the soul and overflow to influence the world for eternity. Prayer is not the least you or I can do. It is the most important thing you and I can do.

Harold Troyer, “Eternal Prayer Flame” organizer