Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2012

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2012 was hosted at Mount Olivet Camp on August 17-19, 2012.

Brochure: See 2012 PDF brochure.

Theme: “The Forgotten Teachings of Christ”

“Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”

Matthew 7:21
2012 KFW theme

  • Honoring Christ by Embracing the Beatitudes by Daniel Kenaston - The Beatitudes are an introduction to the Sermon on the Mount. Daniel focuses on how these "attitudes" are to be believed and lived out. We need to embrace the values taught in the Beatitudes.
  • Exalting Christ Through the Investment of Our Resources by John D. Martin - A powerful message on possessions. This message is to encourage Christians everywhere in America to spend more on helping the needy. The kingdom calls for it. John D. Martin challenges this generation to be the most sacrificial generation.
  • Following Christ in Embracing His Kingdom by John D. Martin - One of the most powerful messages on the Kingdom of God and those who, in the past, did Kingdom living. Kingdom living is about focusing on the King and His teachings. Matthew 5 – 7 are the key chapters about living in the Kingdom of God.
  • Manifesting Christ by Walking in Suffering Love by Joe Root - As Christians, we are loyal to a new Kingdom that calls us to suffering love. Jesus showed us how to suffer. Part of suffering love is understanding that the weapon of those in the Kingdom of God is the Word of God NOT a sword or other physical weapon. We call those who will not fight when…

Eternal Prayer Flame

prayer icon

Be in prayer for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Several brothers who participate in Kingdom Fellowship Weekend have started a prayer movement to encourage participants to engage in a 24/7 prayer chain lifting ceaseless prayer to the King eternal. Learn more and become involved at the “Eternal Prayer Flame” website.

Prayer is the waterwheel, the engine, the magnet, the fire, the soul, the access to power behind every victory. Jesus himself said, “Without Me you can do nothing.” Period. Nothing. Prayer connects the soul with the Source of Life and Power and allows for the Source of Life and Power to flow in and fill up the soul and overflow to influence the world for eternity. Prayer is not the least you or I can do. It is the most important thing you and I can do.

Harold Troyer, “Eternal Prayer Flame” organizer