Thanks for being a part of Kingdom Fellowship Weekend.

If you’ve found this ministry helpful and would like to contribute, here’s some ways you can help.


Add us to your regular prayer time.

Revivals are born in prayer. When Wesley prayed, England was revived; when Knox prayed, Scotland was refreshed; when the Sunday School teachers of Tannybrook prayed, 11,000 young people were added to the church in a year. Whole nights of prayer have always been succeeded by whole days of soul-winning.

Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman

Contribute financially

Our events are made financially possible by freewill contributions to cover the expenses towards the rental of the campground, food costs, and a love gifts for the speakers.

  • Contribute by check. Mail a check (US funds only) made payable to Kingdom Fellowship Weekend to Matthew Brubacker, 887 Fort Titzell Road, Lewisburg, PA 17837.
  • Contribute by making an online payment (credit/debit card).

Transcribe sermons

Our long-term goal is to have all sermons transcribed. Select a sermon from this website that is not already transcribed, and then contact us before proceeding to make sure you are not doubling up the work of someone else.

If you have some other talent you’d like to contribute to this ministry, please contact us to offer your services.