Tower of Babel or City of God?

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Which kingdom are you a part of? Using the account of our father of faith, Abraham, Brother Ken Miller compares the two kingdoms and asks us to seriously consider to what lengths we will go to be a citizen of the city of God. Further, he points to Jesus’ solution to lust, and provides a call to overcome the technological structures of our time.

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Surviving the Tech Tsunami

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Tsunamis strike with amazing power and speed on an unsuspecting, unprepared coast. Has the wave of new technology in recent years taken the church by surprise? Brother Gary Miller gives some historical perspectives and points out both the potential dangers and the blessings of accepting new technology. He then challenges the church to find higher ground and face these challenges collectively.

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Practical Advice on Utilizing Technology — Panel Discussion

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Kyle Stoltzfus, Gary Miller, Harry Argo, Chris Blake, and Kevin Shenk discuss their experiences with technology and media and share practical advice for how to safely utilize the blessing that tech and media can be, yet at the same time guard ourselves against its inherent evils.

Panel discussion moderated by Curt Wagoner.

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